Sink Into the Earth: Lael Wilcox Rides the 827 Mile Arizona Trail – Lael Wilcox & Rugile Kaladyte

On April 12, 2022, Lael Wilcox set out to ride the 827-mile Arizona Trail faster than anyone had before. She completed her ride in 9 days, 8 hours, and 23 minutes on April 21. This is her story. Note: Lael’s time is not recognized by the AZT Race administration which prohibits media coverage. The current […]

Beyond the Divide: Mountain Biking in Baja Sur – Micah Ling

There’s more to biking in Baja than the Divide Twenty minutes after sunset and the sky has a glowing ember look. Night is taking over. In the distance — in the hills — you can see the front and rear lights of a bike. At first, it seems like it must be a motorcycle, but […]

Nikon’s MOST EXPENSIVE Lens REVIEW | Z9 Firmware 2.0 Focus ISSUES?!

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. I’ve been using Squarespace for over 10 years now and I think you should give it a try as well. Get your 14 day trial at HTTP:// If you decide it’s for your, use the code FroKnowsPhoto at checkout to get 10% off your first order. This […]

An Exercise in Agency: Hailey Moore Reflects After Her Ozark Gravel Doom Route ITT – Hailey Moore

My mom worries about me when I’m out riding my bike, for multiple days at a time, alone. By the way, I turned 30 in March. She says it’s not that she doesn’t trust me, it’s other people she’s worried about. And while she’s never outlined this explicitly, I’m sure the fact that I’m an […]

A Weekend at The Cub House’s 2022 LA Invitational – Josh Weinberg & John Watson

Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse and eclectic cycling communities in the world. People from all walks of life have found that the bicycle is by far the best way to traverse this sprawling urban mass, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel mountains. Catering to this community are […]

Between a Rock and a Willow: 45 Hours on the Stagecoach 400 Cycling Route – Ben Handrich & Seth Dubois

A boulder stops me in my tracks. There is a dry creek bed below, a huge boulder ahead, but no trail to be seen. I put my bike down and try to think logically. First I inch my way around the boulder to see whether the trail will somehow materialize. It doesn’t. I then walk […]

Radavist x Komoot: Silver Linings on the East Devon Trail – Katherine Moore & Komoot

Katherine Moore, a zoologist by training and a cycling writer by trade, has just launched a new bikepacking route through her home turf in East Devon. Besides the gorgeous coastal tracks and sleepy wooded trails further inland, quaint thatched villages, and colorful seaside towns, the East Devon Trail features a twist: linking up nature reserves […]

Bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail Helped Me Grieve – Eric Arce

Still reeling from the loss of my father in February of 2020, I was in the depths of grief and drowning in the weight of his absence when I decided to accept my friend Jalen’s offer to go bikepacking for the first time. In his youth, my father loved spending time moving across mountains, and […]

Riding Across the Ocean, Kinda: Fat Biking North Carolina’s Bald Head Island – Michael Venutolo-Mantovani & Brian Hueske

In the deep sand, the bikes don’t seem to operate in accordance with the normal laws of bicycle physics. Turning right might send you left. Turning left may hold your line. And doing either, at any moment, can send you flying. And while falling off your bike on soft beach sand hardly hurts, you still […]

The Great Nutter Butter Discovery on Mount Gleason – Sean Talkington

Whenever I stop riding for a while because of work, or life, or hurting myself (usually while sleeping, etc, etc), I obsess over these big rides that I am going to do once back on the bike. Like many of you, I can easily spend hours looking at maps trying to piece together the “perfect” […]