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First look at the new Specialized Epic 8 & Epic EVO 8

New Epic 8 & Epic EVO 8

Introducing the latest addition to the mountain biking world, the Epic 8 – a game-changer in XC racing that’s rewriting the rules of speed and performance. Packed with next-level capabilities, unparalleled efficiency, and a lighter frame, the Epic 8 is poised to redefine your riding experience.

New frame geometry

You’ll find frame specs that make you think you are looking at an Enduro. Slack head tube, short stem and step seat tube. Representative of maybe the past 10 years of bike evolution as well as the demands of modern XC racing.

New suspension technology

Custom-tuned shocks and forks work in harmony with the bike’s chassis, delivering an elevated level of comfort and control that adapts to your every move.

Customizable Ride Settings

The Epic 8 has electronically controlled suspension settings:

Open – just that, open suspension unaffected by and of the digital tuning.

Pedal – Thats where the masterful code of some desk jockey takes over and the bike tunes its self to what you are riding. I put it in this setting and I ended up a a brewery… It’s like it knew what I was thinking.

Locked out – when you want to fuck up a climb, this is how.

Unprecedented Pedaling Efficiency

Specialized Ride Dynamics’ meticulous suspension optimization, the Epic 8 minimizes pedal-induced bobbing, keeping you in the zone for maximum efficiency. Because no one likes bob, not even bob’s like bob.

Other “Cutting-Edge Features”

  • SWAT 4.0 system
  • integrated steering stops

Epic 8 EVO

Same badass shit as above Epic 8 but with 130mm of travel up front and 120mm in the rear. Taking the shralp level up a few clicks.

Fast AF boy

“Epic World Cup: The Epitome of XC Speed: Designed for speed demons craving smooth XC trails, the Epic World Cup is the ultimate speed machine. Combining top-of-the-line components with race-proven performance, it sets new benchmarks in agility and velocity.”

I ended up at “said” brewery in record time, I can assure you that. she quick…


Basically this, modern XC bikes are on par with current world cup XC course. With aggressive frame geometry enabling you to dominate trails with limited travel. Speaking to the limited travel, while you might only have 3.5 inches, we all know it’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean and that motion is being tamed by some technology offering you smooth seas with exceptionally tuned suspension. This bike is one rad ripper.