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New Jumps at Snow Summit Bike park

New Jumps and trails at Snow Summit Bike Park in Big Bear California.

New jumps and trails at Snow Summit

Looking back at the new additions to Snow Summit in the 2023 makes me feel optimistic to what is to come for the Snow Summit Bike Park. In the past few years they have made improvements every year, from the addition of the “Blue steel” jump line to the Dual Slalom course (when it’s available…) and the new jumps to “Muscle Beach” and “West Ridge”

Snow Summit recent history

In 2014 Snow Summit was sold to Mammoth Mountain for a reported $38million and then sold again in 2017 with Mammoth and June Mountain to Alterra Mountain Company a partner of Aspen. What does this mean for Snow Summit moving forward? I have not clue… Just thought I’d let you know.

Best things to me about Snow Summit Bike Park

My personal opinion about Snow Summit is the best thing about the park are the jumps lines. If you take “Party Wave” / “West Ridge” top to bottom you’ll have about 1,100 ft of vertical drop in a little over 6min being treated to flowy fun jumps. Connecting “Blue Steel” to “West Ridge” you’ll have similar ride sats but will have a small jump line feeding into a larger one, really fun stuff.

The other trials are fun too, don’t get me wrong. “Miracle Mile” is an awesome trial, not a true DH track more of a glorified enduro stage but nonetheless very fun. 10 ply is another great trail but has a little bit of a mistake identity. while it has some technical spots, it also has some jumps but it a little bit disjointed. But who really cares what I think…

Snow Summit Bike Park circa 2020

Check out a little video from 2020 to see some of the evolution of the bike park click here