A Goodday Romp with Rain Dog During Crested Butte’s Mud Season – Brett Rothmeyer

Having been a resident of western Pennsylvania for my entire existence has given me a supernatural view of real mountains. I understand that they are real, but part of me doesn’t grasp how something so magical and awe-inspiring is there for us to become a part of whenever we choose. Perhaps having grown up in […]

Swift Campout 2022: An Alpine Solstice Celebration – Hailey Moore

For eight years running, around the time of the Summer Solstice, Swift Industries has put out a rallying cry for cyclo-touring enthusiasts the world-over to strap some bags to their bikes, head out for a couple days of pedaling and sleep on the ground. It’s a call to go out and have a memorable experience. […]

Sam’s Commute: Cycling Across Washington in 24 Hours – Ryan Short & Blake Bekken

The text of this story came into existence as perhaps the world’s longest Slack post. It is a message to my road cycling team in which my passion for recounting a grand adventure, in this case, the longest bike ride of my life, got the better of me. While I have edited it for readability […]

Ruta de Los Padres: Four Days Bikepacking the Sierra Madre and San Rafael Mountains – Josh Becker, Matt Miller, & Mike Thomas

“We’re cultivating this weekend, a few weeks earlier than we normally do. It’s getting drier every year, and harder to grow grapes in a dry farm system”. This passing statement tickled somewhere on my brain stem as Steve’s words seeped in and we all gazed up at the Sierra Madres. I wondered if the mountains […]

From the Road to Mexico City: Rattlesnakes, Hot Springs, and Bacanora with Ray Molina – Beau Walters

Perhaps you remember Beau? That crazy fella who rode his bike from Boulder, Colorado to Mexico City in the middle of the summer that we profiled last year? Well, John reconnected with Beau after his tour and asked if he had any stories he’d like to share. Little did we know we’d get a tale […]

Atavism and Drudgery: Exploring the Contrasts in Glacier National Park – Brandon Herrell

​​As much as I think I’ve changed through the years, my objectives are barely different from when I was 18. I nearly dropped out of my senior year of high school to play hardcore punk across North America, shoplifting and dirtbagging mostly through the West, sleeping wherever, and existing willfully at the boundaries of society […]

A Very Long Walk: Mechanicals in Peruvian Cordilleras – Ryan Wilson

I could hear the rain slow to a trickle on the metal roof as I peered toward the mountains from the window of the hospedaje I’d found refuge in the night before. I leaned way over to not smack my head on the door frame that couldn’t have stood higher than five feet. Leaving the […]

An Epic Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of Impossible Route Season 2, Episode 1: Far West Texas – Alex Roszko

A year ago, I was sitting in a cubicle, drawing lines and shapes that would ultimately become bridges. A tedious job that encouraged daydreaming, so I spent a lot of my time distracting myself with podcasts, audiobooks and YouTube videos. I remember watching a series of videos called The Impossible Route and feeling like, “They’re […]

The Southwest Scramble: A Bike-To-Ski Journey from Colorado to Utah – Cody Cirillo

In spring 2021, I decided to embark on a couple hundred mile bike-to-ski journey from my home in Telluride, CO to the La Sal mountain range near Moab, Utah. During the winter season, I’m a professional skier. Usually, I’m traveling around the globe, doing photo shoots and film projects. I will acknowledge it’s quite the […]

Eating and Riding Italy’s TranSardinia Trail – Sam Rice

During the final weeks of October 2021, Bec and I teamed up with new friends, Tristan and Belén to ride Europe’s longest off-road mountain bike route: The TranSardinia Trail. A lesser-known, 450-kilometre trail starting at Olbia (Italy) in the north and flowing south, the TranSardinia follows a crocheted masterpiece of natural forest trails, dusty shepherd […]