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Sedona MTB Festival 2022

Sedona MTB festival

Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

Sedona MTB destination

Sedona has plenty of good energy, good trails and good beer.

This was my first time out to Sedona to ride. Admittedly I hadn’t paid it too much attention as a riding spot. I knew it was a popular spot to ride and I had heard of the Sedona MTB festival before. Until actually going I had no clue what I was missing.

In short, this place is freaking amazing!

ZOIC MTB crew riding Hiline in Sedona

More videos to come

Riding Sedona

There is no shortage of available information on the mountain bike trails in Sedona. Everything is relatively close to town and I don’t think there is a single trail that doesn’t have amazing views.

Types of riding in Sedona

  • Punchy steep and technical climbing
  • Rocky chunk
  • Flowy single track
  • Gnarly rock rolls and slick rock lines
  • Manicured jumps (Sedona Bike Park)
Sedona MTB festival

Sedona Free riding

Sedona Bike Park

Zoic MTB Clothing

Big thank you to everyone to everyone at ZOIC. Without them I would have not been out to enjoy the experience. They are of mountain bikers making solid mountain bike gear. If you are unfamiliar with ZOIC check them out:

Sedona MTB festival
Zoic MTB clothing

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