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Snow Summit Bike Park

“Season pass holder day” at the Snow Summit Bike Park, Big Bear Lake California – Rob Wessels Photography

Snow Summit Bike Park

Opening day 2020! hell ya!.. It actually happened. Definitely a shaky start to 2020 but the Snow Summit Bike Park is officially open. In years passed they have opened towards the beginning of May. That means we’ve only missed out on a month of: sitting on your ass talking about how bad the breaking bumps while being gently whisked to up a hill on a chair lift.

Snow Summit Bike Park Review

I am going to be brutally honest here. I will let you know when I am speaking my opinion or when listing what I hear people saying.

My opinion

The bike park is good.. Compared to other bike parks around the world it’s crap.. Compared to other bike parks in our area it is very good. I also think that there are some factors in play limiting what they are able to do with their land at Snow Summit. So considering that the bike park is great. I mean I bought a season pass after all.. 

Breaking bumps

The biggest complaint I hear from people about the bike park at snow summit is:

  • Breaking bumps

And yes while this is very true, there are breaking bumps at the bike park. Seemingly they do nothing as far as grooming because the breaking bumps from last year somehow survived the winter to still be there at the beginning of this bike park season. haha.. But yes it gets bumpy but in my opinion it is never as bad as people make it out to be. Maybe your suspension setting sucks? Or maybe remember you’re on a mountain bike.. A MOUNTAIN BIKE.. your ride over rocks and shit like that .. Who cares about some breaking bumps. 

Bike Park Layout

What’s new for 2020!? drum roll….. NOTHING!! Eat shit mother fuckers! Or at least that is what it feels like after buying your season pass only to find out that everything is the same. But they actually deleted one thing, “Average Joes”.

Here I am being dramatic again, sorry. Let’s break this down further.. They are in fact working on a new trail called “Blue Steel”. This looks to be  a intermediate level jumpline to bridge the gap between “turtle” and “party wave”. So that is will definitely be a good addition for the majority of riders. And with “double black diamond” 10 ply coming in hot last year. That looks promising for the future of improvement for Snow Summit. 

As far as I know that with how their land is leased from either State or National Park inteties. It makes it a difficult and slow process to add trails. In understanding that process a little bit I really believe that they are doing their best based on what they have to work with.  

Opening Day 2020

Being a season Pass holder I was able to make it up to the bike park on the Thursday before “opening day” to get some laps in. They had chair 1 open and the stoked level was high! I’m really happy I made it up on Thursday because Friday was a “shit show”. 

Thursday Season Pass Holder Day

Quick overview: Lips of jumps are all in perfect condition. Trails are loose. After flipping through IG it seems like a lot of people were struggling with that. I saw a few epic yard sales from the lift.

Miracle mile

Is running good! for whatever reason to me it feels like the upper half is rockyer or rougher or something. But it’s good, that trail needs to bring the gnar.

10 ply

I like the loose sandy soil on 10 ply. I’ll call it SoCal Loam. The rock gardens are feeling rocky. For me it’s just missing a few ruts to rail in the corners but those will come in time. It didn’t seem to be getting much action when I was up there. see video below..

Party Wave

As to be expected.. good .. see video above

Friday “Opening Day”

The “shit show” of friday I referred to was the 40 min wait time in line to make a run. I think I did 2 runs on friday and was out. I could only imagine Saturday and Sunday being worse. I think that is to be expected for opening day. It also seemed like the lifts were running slow? I dunno?

Opening Day at the Snow Summit Bike Park riding 10 ply – Rob Wessels Photography

Update 6.27.20

Snow Summit Bike Park
Rider (me) Rob Wessels repping Fluid Focus – Rob Wessels Photography

Nice day to be up in the mountains and riding with my buddies ..

Big Bear, Past, Present and Future

Big Bear has a rich mountain bike history, hosting NORBA and MTB world cup races up until the beginning of the 2000’s. In 2019 they had the FOX US OPEN on the west coast for the first time in some 14 years. As I understand that is a 3 or 4 year deal as well. Snow Summit is investing more time and effort into their trails. While progress might seem slow, the long game is looking good. If I live to see another World Cup at Big Bear I would shit myself in excitement.. 


GO RIDE! Shit is good, the weather is nice and you get your money’s worth $55 smackers for the day or $299 for the season. not too shabby. Mountain bike trails get beat up, embrace the unexpectedly sandy berms and chop. Could they do a better job grooming the trial SHIT YA they could. But really it’s only making you a better rider so SACK UP SALLY..   

I really hope that what I consider humor is well received here. I’m not trying to be some keyboard hero talking pointless shit about others’ hard work. I love Big Bear and I love riding at Snow Summit ..  

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