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Eliel Cycling

eliel cycling
Taking a look at the Eliel Cycling Surf and Ski Solana jersey and Soledad Bib – Rob Wessels Photography
First look at New Eliel Cycling Kit!

Eliel Cycling review

I initially started the search for a new kit with a simple google search. From that I had a few companies in mind. The tipping point for me going with the Eliel cycling kit was contacting a friend that is a professional cyclist. After her referral it was easy to pull the trigger on the Eliel kit.. Well sort of.. here is my list of importance when buying a cycling kit:

1)functionality and quality

2)baller ass style


.. and if you are one of those people that have price at the top of your list. This probably isn’t the kit for you.

Price $$$

Simplified = expensive as F*CK but 100% worth it.. 

You really have to look at the price over time. What I mean by that is; If you have to buy 2 cheap ass kits in the time that one “high end” cycling kit will last you. You’re actually saving money in the long run. Also not having your nipples or butt cheeks rubbed off during rides is nice too. Cheap kits are cheap for a reason, they suck.  

Eliel cycling
Taking a look a the new Eliel Cycling kit – Rob Wessels Photography

Surf and Ski Solana Jersey

Yes, I know I said “Venture Jersey” in the video. That’s what the bag it came in said. What I bought was the “Surf and Ski Solana” jersey. Initially it looked a little small but once I put it on it fit perfectly. I was very happy with the quality of fabric used as well as the stitching.

Soledad Bib

YYYOOO! So these things… So damn nice! Literally it feels like a velvet glove is gently holding you up as you ride. Highlights of the Bibs for me are: 

  • The straps, The thick straps are very comfortable.
  • Shammy, I mean Sham-wow! (2 thumbs up!)
  • Inner fabric, The fabric on the inside of the Bibs I believe is some type of perpritoy creation of awesomeness. Very comfortable and grippy. 


Fashion forward AF! I’m not that cool and I also feel style is subjective.. So you can make up your own opinion of “style”.


If you have never worn an Eliel cycling kit don’t let the price scare you. In having a few hundred miles on my kit. I am confident that I will get my money’s worth. All while looking as cool as I can wearing something that looks like it’s painted on.  

Eliel cycling review
Eliel cycling kit review, the most insightful review on the internet – Rob Wessels Photography

Road cycling and me

As of the turn of the new year my racing efforts required me to stop being such a lazy ass and actually “train”. For me that meant getting another road bike. As I was trying to avoid the need to potentially get run the fuck over by some donkey millennial texting. But the fact of the matter is there is no way to supplement the strength gained from hammering out some road miles. click here to see my triumphant return to cycling. haha me and two of my buddys rode from Encinitas to the top of Palomar mountain and back. I got my road bike the day before we did this. I’m glad it fit!..  

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