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Learning 360’s

Learning 360’s on my Dirt Jumper

I guess the irony here lies in the fact that where I am currently at in my journey on bikes. Is exactly the same place as someone that is 20 years younger than me..

nonetheless a 14 year old local rider and I built a jump to learn a trick.

My first 360’s

The video below is the process in reverse. going from the first 360 I landed clean. To the end of the video, stacking dirt to make the jump.

Rob Wessels Learning 360’s on a dirt jumper

Dirt Jumping

Hitting dirt jumps and doing tricks is still relatively new to me. I just purchased my dirt jumper (Marin Alcatraz) at the beginning of last year. My previous experience of hitting jumps was on my mountain bike from the end of 2018 when I got my first enduro. Before that it was back in my moto days. Dirt jumpers are small and the jumps are steep. It takes a little “getting used to”. BUT if you bail enough times you get used to it..

Practice, Practice, Practice …

I’m still not claiming that I have them “on lock”. But, they are getting better. Every Time I get to the bike park I’ll hit at least 5 in a row. It’s pretty cool because the more I complete the more I can feel the rotation and understand what differences in body position will do to the spin. 


  • flat shoulders flat spin.
  • drop a shoulder and you start to cork the spin

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