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San Diego FKT

Riding the San Diego FKT with Kathy Pruitt

San Diego FKT an epic gravel ride

What is an FKT?

FKT now has a double meaning. More traditionally recognized as Fastest Known Time. If your not really interested in setting the world on fire with your blazing speed you can adopt this new kind of FKT:

  • Funnest
  • Known
  • Time

As stated in the video, “I am not fast, so it has to be fun” a very true statement in regards to my riding.

Revisiting the San Diego FKT

Kathy originally laid out this course for her and Pete Stetina to do for a Canyon Bikes US video. On this day I agreed to go on a gravel ride with Kathy and had no clue where I was going. After finding out that it was going to be the SD FKT I was pumped! who doesn’t want to have a fun time right?!

San Diego gravel riding

If you are new to the area or visiting I would definitely recommend this ride. There is a good bit of diversity to the trails that the ride uses. There are also portions of the San Diego BWR (Belgian Waffle Ride) course. As well as the locally world famous Black Canyon.  

Ride Stats

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