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Vail Lake Bike Park

Some GoPro POV of some of the new additions to Vail Lake – Rob Wessels Photography

Bike park at Vail Lake

Vail lake has been open to the public to ride mountain bikes for several years now. Odds are if you are from Southern California you’ve been out there for a race or a ride. I have another blog about racing at vail lake (click here). Talk around the water cooler has been that they are going to be stepping up their trail making game. Adding to some existing jump lines and creating some new ones. I’ve been watching them move some dirt around out there. Having not been out there since my last race.. (whenever that was??).. I was curious to see if they have made any progress.. They did!  

Whats new?

At the main portion of trails at Vail there has been a jump line in existence for a while now. From what I’ve heard there will be 3 or 4 jump lines at some point. As of right now they have added a new line to the existing one. With probably 4 or 5 new jumps. They have good mountain bike lips. Wide enough to go 4 wide over them. They are not very big at all. A few of them do have decent sized gaps though. Also at the bottom of ladders. (as seen In my GoPro footage). They added some jumps at the bottom of that trail as well.. Almost like finish line jumps? I fucking hope they are beacuse that would mean when racing out there you wouldnt have to sprint the whole fire road.. I just added a dollar to the swear jar.. I’m trying not to cuss. I was riding with my buddy Scott and his daughter the other day and she was giving me dirty looks. I realized it’s because I cuss like a drunken sailor .. No one’s perfect.. I’m working on it…. 

Vail Lake pump track

Back on topic. Yes there is a pump track at Vail now. I’ve spent very little time on it and only on my enduro. Seems pretty cool. Next time I am up there I will have my dirt jumper with me to give it a proper test. (blog will follow).

New jump area

Across the campground from the usual mountain bike area they have scratched in some new jumps lines. As of right now there is like 2 and ¾ or 3 and 7/16 of a jump line(s) in place.. All the new jumps/trails are just that. They are new. It will take some time before it’s fully tracked in and some of it is a little rough around the edges. BUT! It is well built and fun to ride as is AND it’s only getting better..

As more things emerge I will be updating this blog as well as making new videos.

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