Places to ride

Riding Dirt Jumps with Matt

Dirt jumps San Diego
Matt Barmore hitting ome dirt jumps in San Diego – Rob Wessels photography
Some GoPro footage from riding over the weekend – Rob Wessels Photography

Dirt jumps in San Diego

With all the skateparks and the few bike parks in or near San Diego being closed due to the “Rona”. Me and some of my friends have been finding and fixing up dirt jumps in the area. Very few spots still exist and out of those very few are fun to ride. Some are better than none and we are making the best of it. 

What we’re riding

Matt is on his Evil Bikes Faction. Which is a super rad 26″ dirt jumper. I will be posting a bike review of that soon!

I am on my Marin Alcatraz. For bike review click here! Also a very rad bike.

San Diego dirt jumps
nice day to be on a bike riding some jumps – Rob Wessels Photography

Dirt Jump POV

Rob Wessels riding the Marin Alcatraz

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