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Anderson Truck Trail MTB

Riding Anderson Truck Trail

First rain of the year and me and a few buddies were able to make it out. Almost in between rain storms. Fingers crossed we get more rain this winter so:

A – We get more days of riding like this.


B – We are able to do maintenance on trails that need it.

Rob Wessels riding in Alpine California

New features on the trails

People have been putting in work on the trails! Everyone that digs out here always seem to do a great job keeping the trails looking good.

New step up at Anderson Truck Trail MTB

Mountain Bike Trails to ride

The video below is more of a just representation of conditions to expect when riding here. The Soil is DG (decomposed granite). Which makes a fine marbley surface over hard pack dirt. There are plenty of small jumps with a few rocky sections and drops. The terrain out here makes a perfect opportunity to expand your riding skills.

Riding Alpine California enduro mtb in San Diego

Riding in San Diego

San Diego has to be one of the worst places to ride MTB.

Hear me out..

Not because there aren’t trails. More so due to the lack of local government support to what I am calling “modern mountain biking”. People want features on their trails ie:

  • Jumps
  • Berms
  • Drops

For many places in San Diego and surrounding counties trails are constantly being destroyed for a plethora of reasons. It’s great that places like ATT in Alpine still exist.

Ride stats

On this day we rode 13 miles with 2,700 ft or climbing. here is a link to my STRAVA. After you make the initial long climb up. It’s easy to session the top trails. With a much shorter fire road climb up you’ll have access to at least 5 trails.

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