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Palomar Divide Gravel Ride

palomar divide gravel ride
Kathy Pruitt hammering up the Palomar Divide trail to the high point lookout on Palomar Mountain – Rob Wessels Photography

Palomar Divide Gravel Ride

  • 85 miles
  • 10,000 ft of climbing

That is what I call a ride! One might ask; “Rob? why didn’t you ride with them?” simple answer.. Kathy is a savage and I am just a savage in training.

Palomar Divide trail

This is a moderately trafficked fire road. Starting on the north east side of Lake henshaw. If you choose to go to the top, it will lead you to the High Point Lookout tower.

Palomar Mountain Gravel ride
Highpoint Look Out Palomar Mountain

Ride Stats

Palomar divide gravel ride
Palomar Divide Gravel Ride stats via Kathy Pruitt’s stravaRob Wessels Photography
Palomar divide gravel ride
Palomar Divide elevation profile and map of gravel ride via Kathy Pruitt’s strava
high point truck trail
Kathy Pruitt getting to the Palomar Mountain Highpoint Lookout on her Canyon Grail

Who Kathy Pruitt?

  • Mountain bike downhill jr. world champion
  • Single speed cyclocross national champ
  • Professional enduro racer

and other wise badass..

Relatively new to gravel and endurance riding. She’s looking forward to driving a little deeper into the hell of endurance racing later this year. With plans to race the BWR Cedar City.  

My contribution

On this day my role was a simple one. Bring cookies and water to the top of the mountain.

Mission complete!

Kathy Pruitt
Kathy Pruitt
Kathy Pruitt
Kathy Pruitt
palomar divide gravel ride
Looking South West on the Palomar Divide road

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