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Gravel ride Jackson Wyoming

Gravel ride Jackson Wyoming through the Teton Valley to Shadow Mountain

You can view the ride on my Strava

Riding gravel bikes from Jackson Wyoming through the Teton Valley to shadow mountain.

After racing the BME Big Sky. We made our way down to Jackson Wyoming. Parking at Hoback Sports we made our way through Jackson to the bike path. The bike path takes you right past the grand tetons. Then you can continue on road to Shadow mountain.

Jackson Bike Path

This path is a paved two way bike path that takes you from the town of Jackson Wyoming. Through the Teton Valley and past the Grand Tetons. In looking at my Strava the path is about 10 miles long (one direction). The paved surface is well maintained and the entire path has very little elevation gain. That makes for a highly trafficked path. Our experience on the bike path wasn’t bad though. It is also a very scenic ride!

Gravel riding Shadow Mountain, Jackson Wyoming.

Once you find yourself off the tarmac the road leading up to Shadow Mountain is full of cobble and makes for a bumpy ride. At the base of the mountain the dirt gets darker and there is less rock. We didn’t spend much time out in this region but there looks to be more riding out in this direction.

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