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POV riding with Rob Wessels and Kathy Pruitt at the Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City “the hell of the south”

Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City

As if 125 miles of grooling gravel isn’t enough for you. BWR races offer you 3 other ways to punish yourself. Belgian Waffle Ride races also have:

  • Sprint segments
  • Climbing segments
  • King of dirt segments

Overall lowest time through these highlighted segments and you earn bonuses and recognition for being a savage. 

BWR KOD (King / Queen of Dirt)

This was a particularly interesting one in my eyes. For a KOD segment there is flat, climbing and descending. So:

  • A) It makes for a damn tough segment.


  • B) The rider has to be a well rounded rider to do well.

The video above is of the downhill portion of the BWR KOD #1. Admittedly I thought that KOD stood for “king of downhill”. That left me wondering why there was so much climbing in a downhill segment.

I did not race the BWR Cedar City. I was out in support of Kathy. But in pre riding by myself I grabbed the Strava KOM of the KOD the Friday before the race. It was 30min of not a lot of fun.

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