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Shimano Saint Pedal Review

Shimano Saint Unboxing
Rob wessels Shimano Saint Pedal Unboxing

Shimano Saint Pedal Review

These days when I have buy a $250 memory card for my camera. That’s $250 US dollars for a 1 inch by 2 inch piece of plastic.

I’m always really happy to find actual value. Or at least relative value. What I mean by that is paying $150 for some bike pedals kind of sucks. BUT, it’s $150 of the duration that they will last. That’s where the value of the Saint pedals come into play.

If they last 2 years that’s, 2 cents a day for some sweet pedals.

I have had my Shimano Saint Pedals on my enduro for just about 2 years and I would guess they have at least another 2 in them.  

shimano saint pedal review

What’s in the box?

The Saint Pedals come with:

  • pedals
  • pins for the platform and allen wrench
  • Shimano cleats

It’s about the little details, honestly I don’t really know why I am so impressed by the fact they include all that. But I am. Those $15 cleats in the bottom of the box felt like a little high five coming from Sakai, Japan (Shimano Headquarters).

Saint Pedal Unboxing

Unboxing Shimano Saint Pedals

Other Pedals vs Shimano

Don’t quote me but I think Shimano invented the “clip in” pedal. I also hear that Ritchie might be trying to claim that too. soooo yeah… As stated in my unboxing video I have had some issues with other pedals. I am not going to name the other brands but just talk about the problem. With another pedal brand upon a rock strike (my fault) I broke off the front “clip” part of the pedal on one side. The unfortunate thing was both sides shared one spring. When I broke the front off one side it rendered the other side useless and unable to clip in.

Now, I have done the same thing to a pair of Shimano XT pedals. Upon a rock strike (my fault) I broke off the front “clip” part of the XT pedal. This time though I was able to use the other side of the pedal because of the independent spring setup.

Having said that, there are a lot of pedals that look like shimano. That probably works just like Shimano and you’d probably be fine with them. To the ones that don’t though, I wouldn’t waste my money.

I always like being clipped in bouncing through rough sections..

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