Mountain Bike Training

Enduro Mountain Bike training rides

Enduro Mountain Bike Training Rides.

Energy systems and training rides.

So to expand on my first blog “Enduro MTB structured training” I wanted to talk more about the 3 basic types of training rides.

  • Aerobic
  • Anaerobic
  • Vo2max

Applying these 3 focuses to “training rides” ensures that you are developing the different energy systems of the body. That improves your body’s ability to perform under all of the demands placed on it by mountain bike racing/riding.  

Example of endurance rides: Zone 1 below, 4 or less on PE scale

Sometimes referred to as LSD rides (long, slow, distance). Great for building an aerobic base during the “off season” but needs to be maintained during the “on season”. For these rides it’s all about time in the saddle and the terrain you choose to ride on needs to be taken into consideration especially if you do all your training on the mountain bike. you’ll find that it is hard to keep your heart rate low during technical bike climbs. As stated in the video an effective way I like to get my endurance rides on my enduro bike is by using an area to ride where I can do an 80% effort run down an enduro trail and then utilize a fire road or paved road to get me back to the top. One of the areas I ride has a 10min descent followed by a 40min climb where I can maintain my “endurance” heart rate and then I’ll do laps for 2-3hrs. I’m still developing skill while staying true to my training energy system.

Example of anaerobic rides: Zone 2, 4-7 on PE scale

This is where your average mountain bike ride would be but still needs to be developed. An easy way to think where this energy system is; it begins where your aerobic energy system ends.

example: warm up 15min, 60min work interval, 15min cool down.

For the 60min work interval, set a timer on your watch and take no significant breaks. HR should not drop into the “endurance” zone nor should it “redline” or get to a point where you can’t actively recover from exertion. Again take into consideration the terrain you chose to do these on. I have an area that I’m able to choose from multiple downhill options all in the 2-5min of down to 5-10min of climbing. I will just do laps for my work interval. Spin class at the gym would be in this category.  

Example of Vo2max rides: Zone 3+, 7 or more on PE scale.

These suck.. These most important components of these rides are Maximum effort followed by full recovery. Unlike aerobic training which is quantity, Vo2max training is all about quality of work. You can only give quality work if you’ve fully recovered. Practice doesn’t make perfect but perfect practice does! On the bike these would be sprints and “race runs” tap into the competitive mind set and fucking send it. Once you feel the quality of your work interval drop you are done. 

example: warm up 30min, 3min sprint, full recovery repeat until puke, 10-30min cool down

A great place to diversify your Vo2max training is in the gym and on the pump track! this will be another video I will do..

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